Olha Stanislavivna Kozlova, Zaporizhzhia National Technical University

«The evident advantage of the course is a strong practical part. The skills that are obtained by students during the process of doing practical tasks allow them to do the job of a software tester. Moreover, students who successfully finished the course can receive a certificate. For the university one main advantage is that a strong informational infrastructure is provided, like for example, platforms for the hometask: Mantis, TestLink and a site for testing. Also important to underline the fact that there is technical support for the university teachers.»

Olexander Vasylovych Kubaj, International economic-humanitarian university of Stepan Demyanchuck

«In general, the idea of such a way of studying has been greeted warmly by students. Theoretical part and practical tasks for the lab works are prepared and collected on a high quality level. The biggest advantage is that students are working in real systems like Mantis and TestLink, also they have the access the tasks through the WEB100 platform.»

Iryna Valentinivna Bohdan, National University «Chernigivska Politechnika»

«The «Fundamentals of the software testing» course is well designed as the materials are provided in an understandable way, which helps students to gain the basic knowledge in the sphere of testing to the fullest. Also, the fact that there is a site with a bunch of defects for practice, is a great thing because students have the opportunity to practice a lot and apply all the theoretical knowledge they have studied by creating bug reports and writing test-cases.»

Dmytro Serhiyovych Bezugly, Sumy State Pedagogical University

«The department of computer science agrees upon the fact that such courses, provided by the Ukrainian IT companies, are effective and useful for the preparation of the specialists. QATestLab is one of such companies and is one of the partners of our department in teaching programmers and software testers.»

Serhiy Vitaliyovych Suslov, Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding

«All of the materials provided for the university in terms of the memorandum, as well as the access to the software side of the course have been used during the «Quality of the software and testing» discipline. Students were motivated to study due to the course being made by the QA professionals, who actually work in the successful QA company. They got to know the real practice of testing the software. The software environment influenced the design of the studying process, in part, it provided the flexible conditions for the autonomous work of students.There has been a great rise of the interest of students in studying this discipline.»

Inna Volodymyrivna Herasimenko, Cherkasy State Technological University

«The students of the Computer Sciences and Management informational technologies department of the Cherkasy State Technological University have been studying by the QATestLab course for several years already. The course is designed in such a way that even the beginners are interested in trying themselves in testing. All the information provided in the manual is already filtered and understandable, everything is connected to the lab work and generally it gives them the opportunity to try their theoretical knowledge on practice thus seeing the better and clearer picture of the profession of the tester. Students at the same time were satisfied with the course and did all the practical tasks.»

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