Communication tips


Everyday a lot of requests come to the training centre. Former students write to us, so do students from current training groups and as well as the potential students of our future courses.

We are pleased that our testing courses have arisen such a keen interest among the audience. We are happy to see every single question from you. Although since there are a lot of requests, we would like to highlight some points that could improve our communication and increase interactions between the course participants and training center specialists.


It is crucial to understand each other’s point of view correctly in the communication process.

If you have any questions, misunderstandings, confusion points during
the educational process – contact our training center specialist. You will always be listened to
and given the detailed answer to your question.


We are grateful for your honest attitude to the training center on the all stages of training:
registration (when you provide only personal data), an entry test,
homework and the final exam (which you do by yourself).

You study for yourself first. The value of the courses is in the knowledge you
earn and not only in the certificate received after.


Not robots but real people check your homework. The speed of checking
homework directly depends on how quickly you do it and enter it into the system.

Just remember that the pace shouldn’t
negatively affect the quality of your homework.


We are always ready for an open dialogue with all of the attendees. We will answer
all the questions, listen to comments and suggestions because this will help
our courses become even better.

We hope that you are also ready to receive suggestions and comments on the learning
process and make the right conclusions from them.


It’s delightful to interact with students who show enthusiasm
and strive to get the maximum amount of knowledge from courses.

We deeply appreciate the dedication of the students during the process of training.


We highly appreciate respect and tactfulness in communication. After all, the polite
conversation is much more effective and pleasant than rudeness and pressure.

We are not asking you to use phrases as «Would you be so kind», but we expect
you have a friendly tone in communication.


Let’s think positively more often and give each other a good mood
even with regular email.

Sometimes a smile could work wonders in communication 🙂