About our company

QATestLab is a leading company that provides a full range of software testing services.

QATestLab is an independent QA and testing provider. We help to improve the quality of our customers’ products and solutions by performing a wide range of software testing types.

Over 20+ years of working on the market, we have been helping many companies to release their original projects and earn the love and trust of users.

About our company

A variety of projects, the number of completed orders, thousands of bugs, and many more – all of this gives us the right to consider ourselves the professionals of our area, and also allows us to keep up with the progress.

In 2015 – 2016, the CLUTCH research agency listed us in the “Top 20 Software Application Testing Companies”. We are also members of the Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative, the Central and Eastern European Outsourcing Association and the Brain Basket Foundation.

More than 3,000 projects in various fields from more than 200 clients worldwide prove us being trustworthy. Each new project extends our experience and sets new goals. Encouraging new challenges, we work to ensure smooth and flawless collaboration with our customers.

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