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Yaroslava Pryimak

22.02.2024 at 12:02

The intensive training is over and the Certificate for the successful completion of the online course «The Fundamentals of Software Testing» has been received! Thank you QATestLab Training Center for the amazing job you’ve been doing! The QATestLab Training Center provides students with a lot of practical and valuable information within the tight time limits. It is really challenging but extremely exciting!

Oksana Ohilko

19.01.2024 at 14:52

It was an amazing and highly beneficial experience, providing me with valuable knowledge and practical skills. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from industry experts and further enhance my expertise in the field.

Gambo Usman

19.01.2024 at 14:48

Last month, while casually scrolling through LinkedIn, I stumbled upon a post. It was about the QATestlab Fundamentals of Software Testing course.
The course content immediately piqued my interest. I’ve always been fascinated by mobile application and game testing, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to learn from industry experts.
Excitement kicked in, and I eagerly clicked the sign-up link, only to be greeted by a cognitive assessment as a prerequisite. Instead of backing away, I saw it as a challenge. I dove into Google, practicing cognitive assessment tests relentlessly, determined to ace it.
Finally, passing the assessment felt like a triumph. Those four weeks of the course were a rollercoaster ride of commitment, dedication, and juggling between live sessions, homework deadlines, feedback, corrections, and my daily job.
There were moments when I almost threw in the towel, but my persistence prevailed. The feeling of seeing the fruits of your hard work is truly priceless.
Throughout the course, I sharpened my skills in meticulous bug reporting, crafting detailed test plans and cases, understanding the nuances of mobile and game testing, and much more.
I am immensely grateful to QATestLab for this opportunity that surpassed all my expectations for a free course. I’ve already started implementing the knowledge gained in my current project and eagerly await more chances to put these skills into action.
Here’s to ending the year on a high note and looking forward to the exciting opportunities that lie ahead!

Ruslana Kuzmina

15.12.2023 at 15:13

Thank you for providing the opportunity to enhance my skills in creating checklists, test cases and bug reports for websites, mobile apps, and games using Mantis Bug Tracker, TestRail, Jira.
The support during the course has also been of a very high degree. I was impressed by the feedback on homework that has been provided almost instantly.
The course was incredibly valuable, I’m motivated to continue working hard to reach for even greater achievements. 

Karine Stepanyan

16.10.2023 at 09:37

I have recently completed this course which provided me with a great knowledge of manual QA. It is well-organized and teaches how to write accurate, informative testing documentation. I learnt about the course when searching for a good QA program. I am sure that this experience will be considered a big advantage when looking for a job opportunity.

Emmanuel Gallo

15.09.2023 at 15:11

11 days ago I had the pleasure to complete one of the best Software Testing courses I’ve ever seen. It was very thorough, and during a very intense month, I had the opportunity to create test cases and bug reports for websites, mobile apps and games using Mantis Bug Tracker, TestLink, TestRail, Jira and checklists. QATestLab Training Center, thank you very much for this great course, and congratulations on your awesome work!

Halyna Frankiv

15.09.2023 at 10:08

I’ve just finished a course at the QATestLab Training Center. I found it on the DOU website and was really happy to have such an opportunity as I had been already studying for more than a year by myself and had also taken another free course on Automation testing (DareIT). I really needed the QATestLab course as I was full of knowledge and information, but it wasn’t organized in my head. Besides, I was worried about the absence of experience, as most of the employees are looking for a candidate with it. At this moment I’m currently looking for a job and now I’m confident in my knowledge. I’m thankful for the QATestLab Training Center for professional lecturers and lectures, for good practice, quick and professional feedback and continuing support. And I hope that my chances of getting an offer will be higher from this point.

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