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Emmanuel Gallo

15.09.2023 at 15:11

11 days ago I had the pleasure to complete one of the best Software Testing courses I’ve ever seen. It was very thorough, and during a very intense month, I had the opportunity to create test cases and bug reports for websites, mobile apps and games using Mantis Bug Tracker, TestLink, TestRail, Jira and checklists. QATestLab Training Center, thank you very much for this great course, and congratulations on your awesome work!

Halyna Frankiv

15.09.2023 at 10:08

I’ve just finished a course at the QATestLab Training Center. I found it on the DOU website and was really happy to have such an opportunity as I had been already studying for more than a year by myself and had also taken another free course on Automation testing (DareIT). I really needed the QATestLab course as I was full of knowledge and information, but it wasn’t organized in my head. Besides, I was worried about the absence of experience, as most of the employees are looking for a candidate with it. At this moment I’m currently looking for a job and now I’m confident in my knowledge. I’m thankful for the QATestLab Training Center for professional lecturers and lectures, for good practice, quick and professional feedback and continuing support. And I hope that my chances of getting an offer will be higher from this point.

Monika Evremova

17.07.2023 at 09:26

I just finished the course «Fundamentals of Software Testing» and it was a great knowledge gain with a very helpful and professional approach from the whole company. It gave me a new vision and perspective of what I would like to do. I found myself as a QA engineer and now I can continue discovering and upgrading my skills as one. The interesting part is, I saw this course on an Instagram ad, and once I started taking the course, I found a new interest and a new path that I’d like to follow. Thank you for the amazing opportunity and experience. I recommend this course to anyone who likes to get into the sphere and those who do not know about it yet.

Busienei Jane

18.04.2023 at 13:20

I discovered the course through friends and applied to the QATestLab training center website. It enables you to acquire theoretical knowledge and practical skills that help build your career as a quality assurance engineer. The QATestLab offers a certificate after successful passing of the course, and this enhances job search as a certified quality assurance engineer.

Yuliia Yuzkevych

17.04.2023 at 15:40

The «Fundamentals of Software Testing» is a worthwhile course that gives the opportunity to improve your testing skills in different types of testing. Besides, it gives the chance to become better at writing test documentation. I came across the course on Facebook and decided to apply it as I was eager to refresh my knowledge and get a new portion of skills. The studying was really intensive and took time but it gave me valuable knowledge that I will be able to apply in my work. Moreover, it’s free. I have never thought that such a thoroughly organized course with so diligently done homework checks can be free! Thank you, QATestLab Training Center for such an opportunity!

Elizabeth Kujore

16.03.2023 at 13:13

I would love to encourage everyone who has an interest in software testing to be a part of this training. I came across this opportunity on Facebook and I decided to go for it. I took the training because I wanted to transition to IT but didn’t know how to go about it. Immediately I saw this on Facebook, I applied for it because it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Imagine studying software testing for free. Nothing beats such an opportunity. I recently got the certificate and already applying for jobs. Hoping to get good news soon. Thank you so much for the opportunity QATestLab Training Center.

Sharon Wanjiku

22.08.2022 at 10:16

I just completed the Fundamentals of software testing course and I can say it was the best experience. I got to acquire some of the most important skills and knowledge in software testing. I learnt about the course through a close relative. I decided to take the training because am passionate about information technology, most specifically on software development. I saw this as an opportunity to widen my knowledge when it comes to everything that deals with software. The training has impacted positively to my productivity in this field of technology and with the skills am ready to face off software testing as I expand my journey in the future. Thank you QATestLab for this great opportunity.