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Daria Sobko facebook icon

30.01.2020 at 11:28

I would like to thank the QATestLab team for the excellent organization of the “Fundamentals of Software Testing” course. Each lecture was packed with relevant, interesting, and structured information. Practical homework assignments engaged me in the tester job from the very first lecture. Homework evaluation was very thorough, feedback made it possible to better understand and absorb the knowledge obtained during the lecture. It’s nice to get a certificate at the end of the course and take the first step towards a new job! Thank you.

Tatyana Lutsenko

02.12.2019 at 15:30

Thanks to your entire team for this course. Everything is just excellent. Got a lot of new and valuable knowledge. Lecturers have always provided relevant information. And the support service responded to the questions immediately. Thank you so much!

Andrey Batukhtin

29.11.2019 at 17:26

I enjoyed the course very much. Unlike the many other courses, during this course, you will not be forced to accumulate  new memory arrays in your head urgently. The course develops the awareness first. All additional information required for training is available in the Blog section. Everything is extremely simplified to develop the ”tester’s” way of thinking. I recommend  you to treat learning as a full-valued job and use all the opportunities for practical and faculative assignment. Make sure to have the time to correct the mistakes every two lectures. For those who have Advanced English level, it is better to immediately do everything in English. And for those who have pre-Intermediate or Intermediate English level do not try to complete every single task in English, try to develop the basic understanding in a language that is convenient to you first, but also try to comprehend the material in English.