Sumy State Pedagogical University

For almost 100 years, the university has been successfully conducting research and educational work, guided by the best domestic and world traditions, modern principles and the latest trends in the development of educational services.

The university carries out educational activities in 26 specialties and 35 specializations and fully provides highly qualified specialists in the field of education in the north-eastern regions of the country.

The diploma of Sumy State Pedagogical University is a personal prestige and a guarantee of success of each of our graduates. This is one of the starting documents, which opens up prospects for easy career growth from the student bench to honorary positions. Among those for whom our school has become Alma mater – Heroes of the Soviet Union and Ukraine, famous teachers, world science, world-renowned cultural and artistic figures, Olympic champions, world champions, diplomats, officials, successful businessmen and entrepreneurs, leaders and activists of public organizations of all-Ukrainian and regional level, writers, journalists, as well as many talented young people who, having received from Sumy State Pedagogical University. A.S. Makarenko quality knowledge and life experience, confidently began his career.

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