Do I need to write the same information in the “Select Profile” and “Additional Information” fields?

Do I need to write the same information in the "Select Profile" and "Additional Information" fields?

In case of testing the desktop version of the site, the name of the browser and its version are specified in the “Platform” field, the name of the operating system (for example, Windows) is written in the “OS” field, and the name of the operating system version is written in the “OS Version” field (for example, 10 x64).

When testing on mobile devices it is necessary to specify “Mobile” in the “Platform” field, fill in the “OS” and “OS Version” fields with the corresponding data (for example: Platform: Mobile; OS: iOS; OS Version: 13.6), and information about the name of the device, name of the browser with the version or the name of the application should be specified in the “Additional Information” section (for example: iPad Air2 (iOS 12.1.1) Google Chrome 71 or Sony Tablet S Android 9.0 “Currency Converter”).

When testing games on PC, specify “PC” in the “Platform” section. When testing games on mobile devices, the “Mobile” is specified in the “Platform” section.

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